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How have hearing aids changed your life? We love hearing about the difference hearing aids have made to your life, or the lives of those around you. If you'd like to share your story, write to us at stories@bayaudiology.co.nz.

Graham can now hear his surrounds

Graham's had a problem with his hearing for many years, and his family felt it was high time he did something about it. So we got together and worked out a way to get him to see us. When Graham came in for his free hearing check, we were waiting with a surprise message from his son Sam. "To be honest I didn't quite know what to think when I heard Sam coming through the headphones. He's a bit of a joker and I thought that he was having me on. But you know, when I listened to what he had to say, the message was pretty clear - for everybody's sake I needed to get my hearing sorted. The first thing I noticed was that my favourite chair creaked when I sat down, and now I can hear every little word Sam has to say - whether he wants me to or not."
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Otele's back in conversations again

Otele first suspected he had hearing loss over 10 years ago and after his wife also mentioned that she was repeating herself a lot, he decided to get a free hearing check at his local Bay Audiology clinic. “They were very helpful and professional, they proved my hearing loss and explained everything. I was quite impressed with my first appointment.” Since getting hearing aids, Otele has noticed a lot of changes, not with just what he hears, but how he feels in conversations. “There is so much that came to life when I got my hearing aids.  I can participate in conversation at home with my wife, and with the Bluetooth feature I can Facetime my 3-year-old grandson in Melbourne. It’s a joy to be able to talk to him and understand what he says.”
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Debra enjoys the latest technology

After being born with hearing loss, Debra has been wearing hearing aids since she was a child. Thanks to hearing aids, she’s been able to live her life to the fullest and they make a big difference to her social and family life. “I can participate in conversations and hear what’s going on, they’re especially helpful when I’m talking to my children.” Debra recently visited Bay Audiology, where she was able to replace her 8-year-old hearing aids with the latest technology. “My new hearing aids are so much better; the sound is clearer and they’re a lot smaller. I used to try cover up my hearing aids with my hair, but these ones are so discreet that it doesn’t worry me. They also have Bluetooth compatibility, which means I can hear the phone ring in my ear!”
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Gib has noticed a big difference

Gib realised he had hearing loss when he couldn’t hear the music around him. “I first noticed that my hearing was going because I play music in loud bands and there were amplifiers that I used to stand right next to. People would be singing and I couldn’t quite hear them to change chords. Eventually my hearing got to the point where my wife was having to repeat anything she said two or three times.” After initially being in denial, his wife suggested he go and get his hearing checked again. “Michelle and Mei at Bay Audiology made me feel extremely comfortable. I had a hearing aid in the 80’s but they showed me how much the technology has improved.  They make all the difference – it’s just lovely.”
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Mike's quality of life has improved

Mike first realised that his hearing wasn’t the best when he was 10 but didn’t do anything about it until much later in life.
When he finally came to see Bay Audiology, and got hearing aids, he realised “this is what normal hearing sounds like.” Mike’s quality of life has changed significantly. “My quality of family life has changed quite a lot, simply the kids aren’t having to repeat themselves. My advice as someone who’s had hearing aids would be if you think you have hearing loss, then you do have hearing loss and you are missing out. It’s actually quite good in New Zealand; the Government gives you a $1000 towards hearing aids and with Bay Audiology, the process is just incredibly smooth. I couldn’t recommend them higher to be honest.”
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