Now Holly is closer with her family than ever before

Holly didn't realise just how bad her hearing was. That is, until her family stepped in. We secretly got together and brought Holly in for a free hearing check. But instead of hearing beeps in her headphones, Holly heard the voices of her husband and son. Now Holly wears hearing aids and she has noticed a big difference. "It's been a real blessing for me to just be a part of what's happening around me... but my kids are so noisy!"

Now Holly feels more included in day to day conversations and is even closer to her family and friends.

"It has really changed my life... I felt like I was on the out a lot, and I felt like I was a bit of a pain. Now I am a part of it all... having good hearing, it adds so much more joy to your life, I don't think you can put a price on that."

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Hasan is reconnected with the world around him

Hasan previously had to communicate with his daughter through text messages. Working behind the scenes with his family, we got him to come in to see us for a free hearing check. This time, we were waiting with a different kind of message from his daughter...

"It was amazing to hear my daughter's voice in my earphones...

I had no idea my hearing affected her and my family so much. My audiologist told me lots of people think that way. I didn't realise how much I was missing out on, till I got my hearing aids on. My world has changed drastically. I can hear the birds, I can hear my family, I can hear my friends. We had a couple of parties and family gatherings, and it was amazing. Because I could hear everything. I was in control of my life again. I was a part of everything.

Now I'm back in my daughter's life again. And she's back in mine. No more text messages... now we can really talk. I had really missed that!"

We want to help people understand that their hearing difficulties can also affect their loved ones too.

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Now Graham doesn’t miss a trick

Graham had a problem with his hearing for many years, and his family felt it was high time he did something about it. We got together and worked out a way to get him in to see us. When Graham came in for his free hearing test, we were waiting with a surprise message from his son Sam…

“To be honest I didn’t quite know what to think when I heard Sam coming through the headphones. He’s a bit of a joker and I thought he was having me on. But you know, when I listened to what he had to say, the message was pretty clear - for everybody’s sake I needed to get my hearing sorted. And to be honest, with the help of my audiologist, it was a lot easier than I expected. The first thing I noticed was that my favourite chair creaked when I sat down, and there seemed to be ticking clocks everywhere I went. Now I can hear every little word Sam has to say – whether he wants me to or not.”

We want to help people understand that their hearing difficulties can also impact their loved ones.

To see the heart-warming story of Graham and Sam, go to Bay Audiology on Facebook.

Supporting My Parents - Ronnel’s Story

Having elderly parents makes the worries about their health a daily concern. My 87-year-old dad keeps forgetting things and he even asked the doctor if this was an early sign of Alzheimer or dementia. The answer given by the doctor was that it was part of the aging process, which was not very reassuring.

Dad started to withdraw from community activities and even more so from us, his family. He was more “grumpy”, depressed and hard to communicate with. A friend asked him about his hearing and Dad thought it was adequate for an 87-year-old. However, I took him to Bay Audiology for a hearing test just in case there was an issue and they found that Dad actually has a severe loss of hearing. I’m not sure who was more shocked, me or my dad.