Hearing Aids

Tiny Things Make a Big Difference

Advanced digital technology has helped develop smaller and better hearing devices that are more comfortable than ever to wear. Some are so discreet that other people may not notice them. While they vary from manufacturer to model type, every hearing device has three elements in common:

  • A Microphone that captures and converts sound into electronic signals,
  • An Amplifier that increases the electronic signal’s intensity,
  • And a Speaker that converts these signals into a recognisable sound.

Each hearing aid also has a tiny computer chip. The sophisticated computer software programmes the hearing aid precisely to a prescription for your individual hearing and lifestyle needs.

Types of Hearing Aids

There are various styles of hearing devices that vary in size. Some are more appropriate for certain types of hearing loss and ear shapes, and others have more technological features. We offer a wide variety of hearing aid styles in three main categories, differing in performance and price. Our Bay Audiology audiologists work hard to find the right device for your hearing, lifestyle and budget needs.

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