Hearing Protection

Discover our range of customisable moulded ear plugs

At Bay Audiology, we can supply our customers with tailored hearing protection that reduces the ambient noise around you, whilst sitting comfortably in your ears. We provide a high level of standard protection for your ears which can be useful in different circumstances. The hearing protection we supply is specially designed to fit the needs of the user in a specific environment.

What is hearing protection?

Our hearing is made up of a sensitive structure that can be damaged easily from exposure to intense noise levels. Hearing protection can prevent damage to the fragile form of the inner-ear by reducing the noise exposure level which can risk a hearing loss. Ear defenders, such as ear muffs and plugs, can protect ears from cold and noise. Depending on one's habits, it is important to choose a specific ear protection, customised on specific needs.

Why is hearing protection important?

A hearing loss can occur after being exposed to noise exceeding 85dB (decibels), whether it is a brief but intense sound such as an explosion, or a regular exposure to loud noises over time in the workplace.

Therefore, it is vital that we wear hearing protection in situations capable of damaging our hearing. Not only can the exposure to dangerous noise levels directly result in a noise induced hearing loss, but it can also cause a condition known as Tinnitus

Why use noise cancelling ear plugs?

The best way to protect your ears and your long-term hearing is to avoid loud noise. In daily life this can be unavoidable and so noise cancelling ear plugs can reduce background noise allowing you to listen at a lower volume and protecting your hearing.

Expert advice to protect your hearing

It is essential to keep on top of your hearing, as it is so easily damaged by dangerous noise levels. At Bay Audiology, we advise our customers to come in for an annual hearing check so it can become part of your normal health routine.

An annual hearing check enables you to take control of your own hearing, ensuring the early detection and management of hearing loss, as well as preventing it altogether. We can offer you the opportunity to take a look at our extensive ranges of hearing protection whilst getting your hearing checked.

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