Tony can finally hear the sounds he's been missing

Tony realised his hearing loss was getting worse. “I just literally could not hear. My darling wife was telling me that I needed to do something about it. I struggled for quite a long time to accept the fact that I really needed to do something. I really should’ve made moves a lot earlier than I did.”

Tony finally decided to take the first step to better hearing by booking an appointment at Bay Audiology. “The first time I went to Bay Audiology, they talked me through it. They essentially tailor-make what is going to work for you.”

“They are tiny, tiny little hearing aids. They literally sit right inside the channel of my ears. They were specifically moulded for each of my ears so they fit comfortably. You won’t notice them.”'



“They’re just brilliant. I’ve gained a new appreciation for many of the songs that I love because I can actually understand now. The first time I put hearing aids in, I walked outside and it was like, "what’s that noise?" It was actually the breeze and I’d never heard it before. “

"I've only had good experiences from Bay Audiology, there's no doubt they are good at what they do."