Marieanne's hearing aids changed
her life for the better

Marieanne knew she had to do something about her hearing loss. “I knew that my hearing was starting to disappear very gradually. Having to get people to repeat things all the time, that really made me start to think I’m just not hearing them properly."

Marieanne's husband also started to notice she wasn't hearing clearly, so she decided to get hearing aids from Bay Audiology. “Now that I’ve got a hearing aid, oh, my goodness, where do I start?  I can hear.  I can hear clearly.  I can hear concisely.”


"I have got the cutest little hearing aids in my ears; they’re so tiny, people don’t actually notice."

Bay Audiology were absolutely wonderful, they became like family. I actually stood up and I said, “Can I hug you?”  I was so happy. I did feel very emotional on that first visit."

"These tiny little wee things – they have changed my life for the better. I’m a happier person."

Hear more from Marieanne about her journey to better hearing in her video.