Introducing the new range of Amplifon hearing aids

Bay Audiology are proud to now offer a new range of hearing aids from the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers, powered by Amplifon. These hearing aids combine advanced technology and functionality to give you the ultimate hearing experience. 

Exclusive to the Amplifon product range is a new personalised app that allows you to get the most out of your hearing experience. The app is designed with you in mind and it contains features that will help support you throughout your hearing journey. The ability to adjust your hearing aid settings through your smartphone, create and save personal programs, and enable a find my hearing aid function are at your fingertips with Amplifon app compatible hearing aids.



The ampli-mini range of hearing aids are so small and discreet, no one will know you're wearing them. With custom-fit and cutting-edge technology, these tiny hearing aids will do wonders in helping you reconnect with those around you.
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With wireless technology, ampli-connect hearing aids are able to connect to your digital devices. It's never been easier to listen to music, watch TV shows, and answer phone calls through your hearing aids. 
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Our ampli-energy hearing aids come with a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing you to use your hearing aids with ease. Simply charge them overnight for a full day of hearing. 
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