Discover our new ampli-mini
hearing aids

Our discreet range of hearing aids are small yet powerful. With custom-fit and cutting-edge technology, these tiny hearing aids will do wonders in helping you reconnect with those around you.
Discreet hearing aids

Custom-made for your ears

These hearing aids are custom-built to fit your ear canal, making them both comfortable and discreet.

Discreet hearing aids

Small but powerful

Suitable for most levels of hearing loss, these hearing aids are incredibly versatile and dynamic. They combine discreetness and manageability to provide a powerful hearing solution.

Nearly invisible

Small in size, discreet hearing aids are perfect for those who desire hearing help that can’t be seen. In ears of a suitable size to fit them, they are almost invisible when worn.

About Amplifon

Technology plays an important role in making hearing aids smaller and more powerful. Through Amplifon, our global partner, we are able to source the world’s best technology and latest hearing solutions for our clients. As a global leader in hearing health for over 70 years, Amplifon are committed to delivering innovative technology and hearing solutions. Their relationship with leading manufacturers around the world is unparalleled in New Zealand,which ensure we can always offer our customers the best solution for their individual needs. Together with their powerful hearing aid management app your hearing aids continue to support your hearing health with innovative features like wind reduction and speech focus, real-time data to optimize performance, cleaning instructions, volume control and different listening programs.


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