Connectable Hearing Aids

With wireless technology, hearing aids now have the ability to connect to your digital devices. It's never been easier to listen to music, watch TV shows, and answer phone calls through your hearing aids. 

Wireless technology

Simply pair your hearing aids to your smart phone to unleash a range of functionalities. Stream your favourite music or radio shows, and talk easily on the phone – all with your connectable hearing aids.

Work just like headphones

Wearing a hearing aid with wireless connectivity eliminates the need to use headphones. They work the same as wireless earbuds – except more personalised to your hearing. 

The best of connectable hearing aids

Our connectable range of hearing aids provide many benefits, including:

  • Personalised listening experience, optimised for your hearing.
  • Better clarity in noisy situations.
  • Ability to switch between multiple connected devices.
  • Ability to talk easily on the phone and listen to music – without others even knowing!

Connectable hearing aid styles