Tinnitus Treatment

Hearing Aids and Tinnitus

There is no definitive cure for tinnitus, and help with the overall management of the condition. Here is your action plan for managing life with tinnitus.

  1. Prevention is a critical first step to anyone that may be experienced as ringing in ears, buzzing in the ears, hissing sounds, or even a cicada-like sound. The sound may be temporary, persistent, hardly detectable or chronic, and it is influenced by many factors. Make appropriate lifestyle changes e.g. avoid exposure to loud noises.
  2. Visit one of the audiologists at Bay Audiology, for a free hearing test to determine if you are suffering from tinnitus. The ear ringing sound may come as a result of damage to the cochlea or inner ear.
  3. Hearing aids can help your tinnitus as it assists in overcoming any underlying hearing loss. By reducing the amount of attention your brain is paying to the tinnitus, hearing aids can give you some relief and for some people can eliminate it all together.

If you are experiencing symptoms of tinnitus, remember to see your friendly local audiologist today for a free hearing test, as the sooner you treat the symptoms, the sooner you can enjoy total quality of life.