Talking about Hearing Loss

Noticing hearing loss in family and friends

Working out that someone close to you is experiencing hearing loss isn’t always easy – especially as it tends to happen gradually. They might not even notice it is happening. You may have noticed a deterioration in their hearing but they may be reluctant to accept that these changes are occurring. Hearing loss can also add to stress. They may feel frustrated by not being able to hear normal sounds or have conversations with those closest to them. This could also mean they try to avoid social events.

The earlier the treatment, the better 

When hearing loss goes untreated, it can deteriorate and affect different aspects of everyday life. Also, as your hearing deteriorates, the sound signals to the brain become weaker, causing auditory deprivation. This can lessen your brain’s abilities to function effectively. Early intervention “trains” your ears when they are most able, setting you up for more effective treatment and healthy hearing. Encourage your family member or friend to get a hearing test as soon as they can. And then they will be on their way to a life of healthy hearing.

The first step to better hearing is FREE

This is a simple test to check your hearing. This quick check will determine if there is a hearing loss. The check takes only 20 minutes and is available for people aged 18 years and over. Upon completion, we may recommend a full diagnostic hearing test with an audiologist to determine the severity and type of loss, along with what steps to take next.


What happens during their hearing test?

The diagnostic hearing test will determine the extent of their hearing loss and find the most suitable options for you. The results are immediate and at this appointment the audiologist will take the time to explain everything in detail, so you feel confident in the knowledge and options available to you.

The audiologist will explain everything to them in detail, so they feel confident in the knowledge of their level of hearing ability the possible cause of their problem and the options available to them.

Through blending innovative hearing technology, medical knowledge and human touch, we can help to enrich their personal and social experiences. They will regain the joy of hearing and interacting in the world around them.

Learn more about our Diagnostic Hearing Consultation.

Hearing Loss Conversation Guide

Hearing loss can be a difficult subject to talk about. Find tips on how to suggest a hearing test or the need for hearing aids.

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