Sudden Hearing Loss

What is it?

Sudden hearing loss is when circulation in the inner ear is reduced causing hearing loss. It can be a frightening experience, so it’s important to seek help from a hearing expert to assess the level of loss.

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss

It is not conclusively known what causes sudden hearing loss, however it is believed that loud environments or workplaces could be the cause. If you believe you have sudden hearing loss you should book an appointment with your Bay Audiology clinician immediately. We will be able to assess the level of loss you are experiencing, look at potential causes of the loss, and refer you to a GP if necessary.

Injuries and Hearing Loss

Some injuries can cause sudden hearing loss. If you notice you have hearing loss following an injury contact your GP or Bay Audiology clinic.

What to do in case of sudden deafness?

If you are experiencing sudden deafness, we recommend you visit an audiologist to check your hearing levels so that an appropriate medical referral can be made.