Preventing Hearing Loss Daily

Lifestyle choices impact your hearing

It's well documented that age can contribute to hearing loss, but did you know other factors such as lifestyle choices and noises we experience in our day-to-day lives can too?

It is known that attending loud concerts and festivals and listening to music at high volume through headphones can all result in deterioration of our hearing and now scientists have discovered that how we travel may also have some impact.

It's important to look after your hearing and there are many things you can do today to protect your hearing in the future. Read some of our tips below.

Tips to protect your hearing during prolonged exposure to high volume levels:

  • Use hearing protection during all performances. Ear protectors are very comfortable and can be purchased from your local Bay Audiology clinic.
  • Ear protectors need to be inserted properly into the ear canals so that there is a good seal and no gaps. Regular festival goers should consider custom-made hearing protectors which guarantee a better fit and even better sound-reducing qualities.
  • Using hearing protection means music can still be enjoyable but at a safer level which doesn't risk permanent hearing damage and tinnitus.
  • Being close to any loudspeakers at a festival carries a high risk of permanent hearing damage and tinnitus.
  • Measure the sound levels at a festival using many available Smartphone apps that act as a sound level meter. Check you are not being exposed to any sound above the safe limit of 85dB.