Experience the joy of sound at Bay Audiology Ponsonby

Our new store is reimagining hearing and showcases the latest in hearing technology. 

Along with everything you have come to expect from your local Bay Audiology clinic, our Ponsonby store has a selection of the latest in hearing technology for you to discover.

The store is located in the heart of Ponsonby at 77 Ponsonby in Auckland and is open Tuesday to Sunday. For full contact details and opening hours please click here


Discover your hearing profile

Discover your own individual Hearing Profile through a self-guided touchscreen and headphone experience.

Your hearing is as unique to you as your fingerprint or voice and we all hear the world slightly differently.

Through understanding your Hearing Profile, you can un-lock the ability to enhance your individual audio experience.

Hear music like never before

Headphones that customise their sound to your own unique Hearing Profile can take your listening experience to another level.

The latest headphones allow you to have a premium audio and calling experience through noise cancelling technology, making them perfect for travel or commuting. 

Whatever your listening needs, headphones from manufacturers such as Audeara, Jabra and Nura will enhance your experience.

Freedom to hear as you move

Try next generation of wireless earbuds that enhance the everyday by blending high fidelity music, fitness tracking, and hands free calling.

Our Ponsonby store has a range of earbuds from manufacturers such as Jabra and Nuheara to suit a range of budgets and lifestyles. 

Hearing technology showcase

Interactive displays of the latest in hearing aid technology showcase the different features available to you. 

Hearing aids that are rechargeable, discreet and can be connected to different smart devices are all on display.

With hearing aids from a range of manufacturers including Bernafon, Oticon, Phonak and ReSound you'll be able to see what technology might be right for you. 


Cancel out noise with custom fit earplugs

A range of earplugs will be available that can be customised to suit your lifestyle.

Whether you love swimming or are an avid music lover there will be ear plugs that will help protect your hearing and ear health.

To ensure that you get a custom fit, we are proud to have New Zealand's first 3D ear scanner which will create a 3D map of your ear canal.