Georgia can finally hear the little things again

Georgia experienced a hearing loss for a long time, causing her to miss out on a lot of the sounds around her. “You miss out on a lot. I wanted to be able to hear my mum and hear music.” She decided she needed to do something about her hearing and got in touch with Bay Audiology. “I went to Bay Audiology and they said, "this is about you and your health." They explained the process, and even after I got my hearing aid they would say "come in and see us and let us know how you're going." Everybody in there really cares."


Now that Georgia has a hearing aid, she can finally hear her mum properly. “Being able to hear her laugh is one of the greatest joys in my life. I can hear her properly, and don’t have to ask her to repeat herself.”

“Now I can hear my parents and siblings in the background. I can even hear the cats and birds.” Georgia now knows the importance of getting your hearing checked. “You have to go because it’s something that doesn’t get better when you ignore it.”

Learn more about Georgia's journey to better hearing in her video.