Debra enjoys the latest technology

After being born with hearing loss, Debra has been wearing hearing aids since she was a child. Thanks to hearing aids, she’s been able to live her life to the fullest and they make a big difference to her social and family life. “I can participate in conversations and hear what’s going on, they’re especially helpful when I’m talking to my children.” Debra recently visited Bay Audiology, where she was able to replace her 8-year-old hearing aids with the latest technology. “My new hearing aids are so much better; the sound is clearer and they’re a lot smaller. I used to try cover up my hearing aids with my hair, but these ones are so discreet that it doesn’t worry me. They also have Bluetooth compatibility, which means I can hear the phone ring in my ear!”



"Wearing hearing aids makes you so much more sociable, being able to participate in the conversations and hear what's going on - particularly with children - so you can interact with them better. For someone who might have a hearing loss, it's really important to have a check and have it identified because otherwise it's very isolating. You miss out so much. Life is too short, you need to be able to hear to participate and enjoy life."

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