How Hearing Aids Work

Advanced digital technology has helped develop smaller and better hearing devices that are more comfortable than ever to wear. Some are so discreet that other people may not notice them. While they vary from manufacturer to model type, every hearing device has three elements in common:

  • Microphone that captures and converts sound into electronic signals,
  • An Amplifier that increases the electronic signal’s intensity (which makes sounds louder),
  • And a Speaker that converts these signals into a recognisable sound.

Each hearing aid also has a tiny, sophisticated computer chip. This allows the clinician to connect the hearing aid to specialised software and precisely tune the hearing aid to a prescription which will suit your individual hearing loss.

The latest in hearing aid technology

Hearing aids are now packed with the latest technology, making them smarter than ever. They offer a range of improved features, including better charging capabilities and smartphone connectivity. Sound quality and designs of hearing have also improved, allowing for more discreet and powerful options. Learn more about the latest features in hearing aid technology here.

How A Hearing Aid Works

A hearing aid is a highly technological device that empowers you to hear better and ensure you don’t miss out on the moments that matter. You’ll find five basic components: a microphone; a digital chip; an amplifier; a receiver; and a battery. This highly sophisticated communication device is programmed by your hearing care professional to meet your specific needs. Download to learn more!

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