Make a difference with your old hearing aids

Help others experience the joy of hearing once more


Do you have old hearing aids to donate to our Free to Ear initiative?

This is the second year that we've travelled to Samoa to aid a nation with no qualified Audiologists and limited access to Ear, Nose and Throat specialists. Due to this lack of experts, the country currently has around 4,000 people with identified, yet untreated, hearing loss. With the help of hundreds of hearing aid donators and local NGO Senese, Bay Audiology aims to address this step-by-step and restore the joy of hearing to the people of Samoa.

How to donate your unused hearing aids:

If you'd like to contribute to our next venture in spreading the joy of hearing, you can start by donating your old hearing aids. You can drop them off at any Bay Audiology clinic, to to find out which of our 100+ locations is most convenient for you, click here.