Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax and your hearing

Ear wax is a naturally occurring substance in healthy ears, but it’s quite common for wax to build up in the ear canal and can impair hearing.

How can we help?

At selected Bay Audiology clinics around New Zealand we have our Bay Audiology registered nurses who will check your ears and inform you of the amount of ear wax. If there is a problem, they will decide the best method to remove the ear wax. At Bay Audiology we provide safe ear wax removal options. This means that Water Syringing is not practiced by our ear nurses. We always choose the right option for you - this may mean that you will require our Micro Suctioning service. Ear suction uses a very gentle vacuum technique to safely and effectively remove the wax.

If we don’t have our own Ear Nurse we can refer you to another trusted partner who will offer the same service using micro suction.

If you have noticed deteriorating hearing, itching, fullness or a blocked feeling in your ears, it’s a good idea to have your ears cleaned to remove any excess wax and or a diagnostic hearing test.

What should I expect during an ear wax removal procedure?

  • You will be seen by a registered nurse
  • Once the nurse has taken you through to the room where the procedure will take place, you will be asked to sit in a high-backed reclining chair to have the procedure done. (If you are in a wheelchair, the procedure can still be performed while you are in the wheelchair)
  • We will demonstrate how the equipment will work and explain what you are going to experience
  • The procedure will be noisy if micro suction is to be used but this will be for a short period only and you will need to keep your head still
  • The procedure will take about 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the specific concern and can be stopped at any time at your request.


Click here to find local Bay Audiology clinics that offer ear wax removal.