Coping with Tinnitus

Do you or a loved one suffer from hearing problems?

Many people cope with tinnitus, a condition which causes ringing, buzzing, humming or whooshing noises in the ears.

Tinnitus is associated with hearing loss in 90 per cent of cases but many of those living with the disorder feel they aren’t getting enough help.

Tinnitus involves hearing noises in the ears that come from inside the head, rather than an external source. This ringing, buzzing or humming can be in one or both ears and can influence quality of life. But the good news is that the latest technology in hearing aids can help bring respite from tinnitus and restore quality of life.

Bay Audiology can provide expert advice and suitable hearing aids to help reduce the symptoms. According to the Tinnitus Association, studies have ‘strongly suggested that for a significant number of people, hearing aids do reduce the effect of tinnitus.’ The ability of hearing aids to amplify sounds around them can make the noises associated with tinnitus less noticeable.

Bay Audiology offers the latest in hearing technology which can be tailored to suit a person’s individual hearing needs and can come with bespoke tinnitus programmes. These work by producing relaxing sounds that mask the effect of tinnitus, helping with unwanted symptoms such as stress and sleep loss.

Wireless streaming now means that patients can also choose from a range of sounds they prefer at the press of a button. Sound pillows, which generate sound via a connected smartphone or MP3 player, can also help those experiencing tinnitus get a good night’s rest

For more information on how you can help reduce the effects, visit your local Bay Audiology clinic and the team will be able to help support you in managing tinnitus.