Common Myths about Hearing Loss

How much do you know about your hearing?

Is a hearing check painful?

Not at all. A hearing check is painless and easy. It’s important to detect a loss as soon as possible to help minimise further hearing loss.

Can bad weather like wind and rain damage my hearing?

No, it shouldn’t. Everyday wind noise shouldn’t pose any risk and the natural shape of your ear prevents rain or water from damaging your eardrum. However, excessive wind noise you would get from skydiving or putting your head out of a car window could be a risk.

My friend hated their hearing aids. Will the same happen to me?

Everyone’s hearing loss is unique. Although someone you know may have had a negative experience with hearing aids, you may not have the same experience. At Bay Audiology, we work hard to make improving your hearing an easy process from start to finish, and continue to support you to make sure the hearing aids are working for you.

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