Why Wear Your Hearing Aids Every Day

When you first get hearing aids, there are lots of sounds in the environment that your brain would not have heard for a long time.

Living with hearing loss means you may have been listening to the world with some everyday sounds missing. Some of these sounds may take a while to get used to with your hearing aids, such as water running, plastic bags, dishes in the kitchen, birds tweeting and paper rustling to name a few.

When you wear your hearing aids every day, whether it is in a social or a quiet situation, these individual sounds will help your brain to adjust to the sounds within the wider environment. The brain will then begin to recognise these sounds as background noise and filter them out, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

Hearing aid use is like exercise. If you want to get your muscles in shape, you need to exercise them every day and improving your hearing is exactly the same.