In 2016 the Bay Audiology team went to Samoa and fitted hearing aids to those most in need. This year we returned and met with one of our hearing aid recipients, Vaini Pulelua.

It was clear from the moment we arrived to meet her that she was overcome with gratitude, as the tears started flowing.

"I grew up with very bad hearing and have had poor hearing my whole life. I worked at a lot of different jobs, but no one seemed to show me love because of my hearing disability."

We were able to help Vaini restore her hearing.

"They were good and always checked up on me to see if I was comfortable. It was a job well done to get my hearing working again."

Getting hearing aids not only changed the quality of her life, but she now has a job she loves and excels in, and although her hearing is no longer an issue she can still share her story and educate those around her to help them understand the struggles of hearing loss.

Vaini now has a new lease on life thanks to New Zealanders who donated hearing aids.

"My hearing is very good now. I would like to thank you all in New Zealand, and you all have my sincere thanks for the love and caring you showed me. Thank you to everyone who helped me to hear clearly again."

If you have old hearing aids you would like to donate to our Free to Ear programme, you can do so at your nearest Bay Audiology clinic.

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