Protect Your Hearing

When a person is overexposed to excessive noise, the sensitive structures within the inner ear can be damaged. This can result in permanent noise-induced hearing loss. It can happen after a brief but intense sound such as an alarm or explosion, or from regular exposure to noise over time. Hearing damage can occur with exposure to sounds 90 dB (the level of a standard hair dryer) and higher in less than two hours.

"What types of hearing protection can I use?"

We can supply you with a range of hearing protection options.

Ear Muffs

Ear muffs come in different levels of protection, with grad 1 being the weakest and grade 5 the most protective. People working in noisy, industrial environments are often exposed to sounds upwards of 115 dB (such as chainsaws or other machinery), so the regular use of ear muffs is important to prevent hearing loss.

Foam Buds

These are the weakest option when it comes to hearing protection, but are more convenient for some people. Foam buds are typically designed to be disposable.

Custom Ear Plugs

These options are custom-moulded to your ear, which provides greater comfort for all-day use. At Bay Audiology we offer custom ear plugs for a variety of needs (music, swimming and noise cancelling), with the available protection ranging from grade 1 (least protective) to grade 5 (most protective). We take an impression of your ear with special material, and one of our hearing aid manufacturers can then use the mould to create custom ear plugs that are made to fit your ear comfortably. Prices start from $190 per pair.
Beyond using hearing protection when you are exposed to dangerous noise levels, we recommend that you come in for an annual hearing test as part of your normal health routine. Hearing loss can progress gradually from a multitude of causes, including aging, exposure to noise, genetics, and illness. Annual hearing tests can help you be proactive in managing your hearing and avoid hearing loss with early detection and management.