We're thrilled to be five-time finalists in NZ's Best Workplaces Awards

The 2017 IBM Best Workplaces Awards surveys over 35,000 employees from 173 organisations, making it the largest of its kind in New Zealand. Participants are gauged on their engagement with workplace culture, their perception of their organisation's vision, and the way they recognise achievement.

Bay Audiology's placing was revealed with the results on the 28th of February earlier this year and have joined the 'Five-Year League' after placing as a Finalist for the fifth year running. For Bay Audiology to consistently rank so highly in the Awards is a fantastic reflection of the constant work that's been put into building a positive workplace culture.

Bay Audiology's Human Resources Director, Moira Sweas, says, "To be named in the Five-Year League is a huge tribute to the team at Bay Audiology and recognition for their focus and effort in creating a great place to work. Our mission as a company is to help people rediscover the joy of healthy hearing and this is at the heart of everything we do. Being a great workplace translates into living our mission and delivering an exceptional customer service experience and how we care for our clients."

Even with such great results, there's no rest when it comes to keeping the standard high - the team has already committed to building on recognised areas for improvement and ensuring that every Bay Audiology clinic and the Support Office becomes and even better place to work.