Hearing Loss Travel Tips for Winter

Winter is a great time of year to escape. Many of us look to heading overseas where the sun is shining, or embrace the cold and head to the beautiful, snow covered mountains in the South Island. If you're planning your next trip, we've got a few tips.

If travelling by car or motorhome, best to pop in before you go to give your hearing aids a quick check and clean. You want to make sure they're in optimal condition so your senses can all work together to make sure you get safely to your location.

Heading overseas? Make sure you do your research first. If you're heading somewhere exotic, make sure you discuss with a doctor first to see if they advise taking any 'just in case' medication. Also, make sure you have enough hearing aid batteries, wipes and drying crystals.

Also, don't forget to make sure your travel insurance covers your hearing aids!