The Latest in Hearing Aid Technology

Today’s hearing aids can do so much more than just help with your hearing. Packed with the latest technology, they’re now smarter than ever and offer an array of improved features, including enhanced smartphone connectivity and better charging capabilities. Most importantly, sound quality has improved immensely, all within discreet, sleek and comfortable designs.

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Rechargeable and ready to go

The latest in hearing aid technology includes rechargeable capabilities. These hearing aids contain a built-in lithium-ion battery, so you no longer need to replace batteries. They can be charged quickly when needed, or overnight so you are always ready to go.

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Wireless and smartphone connectivity

It's never been easier to stream audio directly from selected smartphones. Wireless technology found in modern hearing aids gives you the freedom to listen to your favourite songs, stream TV shows and answer phone calls.

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Discreet hearing aids

Nearly invisible

With custom-fit and cutting-edge technology, these hearing aids are nearly invisible so no one will notice them. They combine discreetness and manageability to provide a powerful hearing solution.

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Other functionalities of modern hearing aids

Noise reduction

Sometimes, life can get noisy. Noise reduction technology helps to make uncomfortable sounds, like the clatter of silverware, less intrusive. When you're on the go and the weather picks up, wind noise reduction settings can also reduce discomfort. 

Speech focus

Being able to hear friends and family is important. When there's lots of background chatter, some newer hearing aids let you focus more on the person talking, allowing you to hear them more clearly. 

Location settings

When you're out and about, GPS data means your hearing aids will remember your favourite locations and adjust things like the volume and noise reduction for you. So, whether you're at work, the golf course or beach, you'll hear sounds just the way you like them. 


Many hearing aid manufacturers also have their own app to give you even greater control. You can change volume or settings, check battery status, customise preferences, and even locate your hearing aids if they go missing.