Common myths about hearing loss

There are a number of myths and misconceptions about hearing loss and how it affects ourselves and others. When thinking about our hearing, it's important to get accurate information from hearing specialists. Below are some of the most common myths we'd like to set straight. 

Is a hearing check painful?

Not at all. A hearing check is painless and easy. It’s important to detect a loss as soon as possible to help minimise further hearing loss.

Can bad weather like wind and rain damage my hearing?

No, it shouldn’t. Everyday wind noise shouldn’t pose any risk and the natural shape of your ear prevents rain or water from damaging your eardrum. 

My friend didn't like wearing hearing aids. Will it be the same for me?

Everyone’s hearing loss is unique. Although someone you know may not have worn their hearing aids as much, you may not have the same experience. At Bay Audiology, we work hard to make improving your hearing an easy process from start to finish, and continue to support you to make sure the hearing aids are working for you.

Does wearing hearing aids make my hearing worse?

No, it does not. A lot of people get used to the sounds they hear when they are wearing hearing aids which makes them think that when they are not wearing them, their hearing significantly drops. This is just the brain reacting to the sudden decrease of sounds, but it does not necessarily mean your hearing has gotten worse because of hearing aid usage. We have tests that ensure the hearing aids do not damage your remaining hearing. However, this is not to say that your hearing will not get worse over time, as ageing can still affect your hearing levels.


Does my hearing loss really affect others?

Yes, hearing loss not only affects yourself but also those around you. Hearing loss can put a strain on your relationships as it makes it harder for loved ones to communicate and connect with you. This can result in feelings of social isolation and loneliness. 


Are all hearing aids big and bulky?

No, not all hearing aids are big and bulky. Modern hearing aids have become more sleek and slim. We also have a range of hearing aids that are small and discreet. With advanced technology, these hearing aids are customised to fit your ear canal, making them virtually unnoticeable to those around you. These hearing aids sit within our ampli-mini™ range

A better quality of life awaits once you overcome the myths surrounding hearing loss. You can take the first step to better hearing with a free hearing check at Bay Audiology. This is available to anyone who is aged 18 years and over. 

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