Troubleshooting your hearing aids

If you experience any problems with your hearing aids, here a few things you can try:

A drop in volume, works intermittently, or isn't working

  • Battery may need replacing (if not rechargeable hearing aids).
  • Check battery is inserted correctly (if not rechargeable).
  • The sound outlet may be blocked with ear wax - clean and/or change the filter.
  • The microphone inlet may be blocked - consult your clinician.
  • An electronic part may need repair - consult your clinician.
  • Ensure the tubing is not pinched or blocked otherwise this may need replacing.


A 'whistling' noise

  • The hearing aids may not be sitting in the ear correctly or may be in the wrong ear.
  • Tubing of the hearing aids may be split - consult your clinician.
  • Ears may be blocked with wax.
  • The hearing aids no longer fit snugly (e.g. if you have lost weight).
  • If your model has a volume control, check the control is set correctly.


The hearing aids are not working

Don’t worry – this happens

  • First, make sure it’s turned on.
  • Ensure any switcher are in the right position.
  • Check that the battery is inserted correctly.
  • Check the tubes and ear moulding to make sure they aren’t clogged with wax.
  • Come in and see us if your hearing aids are still not working.


Fit issues or discomfort

If the hearing aids slip out of your ears:

  • They may not be inserted properly. Remove them and try again. If the problem continues, see your clinician.


If the hearing aids are hurting your ears:

  • It is unlikely to have been fitted correctly. Remove it and try again. If discomfort persists, see your clinician as soon as possible.


If the hearing aids are hard to insert:

  • Place a small drop of non-irritating lubricant on your finger and smear into the ear canal entrance and try inserting the hearing aids once more.
  • If your hearing aids or ear moulds continue to hurt consult your hearing specialist right away.


Troubleshooting for rechargeable hearing aids

If the hearing aid is not charging properly:

  • Ensure the hearing aids are sitting securely in the charger and that the plug is switched on at the wall.


If the hearing aid is losing charge quickly:

  • Turn off the hearing aids when not in use. If unplugging the charger, make sure to turn them off if they are going to be worn, otherwise charge will run out.