Music is a big part of Daniel's life again

Daniel put up with his hearing loss for a long time, until he decided to get hearing aids from Bay Audiology. "I've spent my entire life working in the music industry and now with the hearing aids, I can actually hear a lot of things I couldn't hear for many years." Music has always been a big part of Daniel's life.  "Now I can appreciate the instruments I'm listening to. Everything has been made a lot clearer. It's just an amazing experience, I'm picking up all the little notations of the instruments - the symbols, the drums. 


"It's like I've been given a gift back to have my hearing again. I don't think it's over-emhpasising, it's sort of what we're dealing with really, it's a whole different world. In many ways I'd actually stopped listening to music because of my hearing, so having it back is wonderful."

"It has definitely changed my life for the better. There's no way of explaining it beyond saying I'm re-engaging with people again. I've got no hesitation in having conversations with people. I can contribute more often."

Watch Daniel's interview to hear more about his experience with hearing aids.