Bruce has reconnected with his loved ones

It took a while for Bruce to notice how his hearing loss was affecting his loved ones. It wasn’t until his wife Amanda told him how stressful it was for her and the kids that Bruce decided he needed to do something about it. “Amanda noticed me leaving the table. I couldn’t sit there for long periods of time because I was getting stressed by the noise. I noticed it at work meetings. I was getting stressed because I’d think I was missing out on conversations.”

“I had to face it. Because of my love for Amanda, I needed to do something.”

Bruce got in touch with Bay Audiology for advice on hearing aids. “I contacted Bay Audiology online and I had a phone call within an hour. They’ve just been so brilliant to deal with. They recognised this was not just about me, but it was also about the people around me. “



Once Bruce got his new hearing aids, he couldn’t believe the difference. “I was like “whoa" it was just crystal clear. I went in on Monday and said these are amazing and signed it off.”

“They’re so discreet, it’s fantastic. I can adjust them from an app on my phone. How cool’s that? It feels to me like I’m assisting myself in a really cool way that just improves my quality of life. I hear everything now.”